Our Mission

To serve as a trail alliance in developing and communicating a first class trail system in the Hamilton Burlington region, which promotes the health benefits of recreational trail use to residents and visitors while conserving our valuable natural ecosystems.

Goals & Objectives

  • Facilitate trail development, linkages and networks and trail accessibility for all people
  • Assist the Hamilton and Burlington region hosting a well connected, heavily used, and easily accessible trail system
  • Foster effective communication between trail users and stakeholders
  • Advocate for the needs of citizens in regards to trails and pathways
  • Advocate for trail funding and development
  • Provide a forum to discuss harmonized trail rules, trail issues and classification schemes
  • Provide fully comprehensive and up to date trail information and mapping


The HBTC will ensure that all trails in Hamilton Burlington are recognized world-wide as the best examples of community accessible, community supported, integrated and upwardly mobile in the use of best practice, environmental conservation, progressive recreation and sustainable tourism.